Capricorn Horoscope for Thursday

You have much to offer - Capricorn Horoscope for Thursday, April 29, 2021

Give yourself the chance to be loved and begin a new cycle in your love life

❤️ Love

Capricorn, today you will receive the energy of Lilith in conjunction with Venus in the area of the Earth sign Taurus. This suggests passionate encounters that can also become complex to many natives who would prefer the simplicity of a conversation with a lover.

If you're single and waiting for the arrival of love in your life, you should stop being so demanding and get ready to open your heart to that person. They might seem different from what you had expected at first, but their energy is much more similar to yours than you may believe at first.

💰 Money

Today you can still enjoy the vibration of Mercury favouring your area of business. Any money movements you try today will happen naturally and will have good results for you – especially if you're a native of the third decan.

Ignore rumours and gossip at work or you could end up feeling blocked and this might prevent you from shining with all your potential.

If you've started a project or you've just set up your own company, you should use these days to observe statistics and surveys that show the reactions of your target market. This will help you make fewer mistakes and you will learn from the experience of your colleagues.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Cleanliness isn't just for your body, Capricorn.  The spaces you use should also be clean from bad energies: get rid of old items that you don't need or presents from people who don't love you. When you start accumulating useless or broken objects, you're attracting a halo of poverty and mystery that isn't good for your well-being. This can make you feel tired because it becomes a burden. Start to tidy your home!

👍 Tip of the day

Good things happen to those who expect them so open to the best things the Universe has to offer

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for this Thursday, 29 April 2021 are: 3, 22 and 24.

🤝 Compatibilities

The best connections today are:

Leo and Aries in Love

Pisces and Sagittarius in Friendship

Cancer and Scorpio at Work

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