Capricorn Horoscope Saturday 2020

You're open to having a honest conversation - Capricorn Horoscope for Saturday, November 28, 2020

The best way to secure a romance is by opening your soul to the other person and this is something you will find out today


The favourable relationship between Mercury and the Moon in Taurus will allow the natives of Capricorn to express their feelings clearly. You will be able to talk to your lover without fears or inhibitions.

Capricorn, you feel the need to establish a serious relationship with someone who can guarantee you some peace of mind. You also enjoy giving pleasure to the five senses but you prefer to respect the traditions of your ancestors and the society you’re living in.

If you are already living such a stable romance, you will be able to consolidate it with a beautiful gesture that your partner will be able to appreciate. You both will get closer than ever and this will help you get over certain issues that were casting a shadow on your relationship.

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The Stars mention good energy that favours those natives who work in the areas of education and communication. The way you transmit your thoughts will be well-received by those who work with you and this will make your professional life more dynamic.

You will have many obligations today and you should stay organised so you don’t miss anything.

If you’re planning a trip, you’re very likely to hear some news about it. Maybe you will receive an offer or better conditions. Whatever news you receive, they will be positive and will totally make your day.

The lucky number for Capricorn today is 15. This is a magic number that symbolises freedom of movement and the energy to build material wealth.

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The Stars will tempt you with gluttony today but you should be aware of it and try to control it, Capricorn. If you give in to your cravings for cake or sweets you could end up with a stomach ache. You have been warned!