Capricorn Sunday on a night sky background

You will feel blessed today - Capricorn Horoscope for Sunday, February 28, 2021

You can look back to your closest past without worries or fears because you know there's a promising future ahead of you


The good relationship between the Earth sign of Virgo aligned with your Sun will be reflected in the heart and soul of many Capricorns today. Many natives will receive very good news from a distant relative. Maybe one of your in-laws has a surprising present for you.

Love enters a mystic dimension and you will discover the joy of staying in touch with your family. You love them more than you believed.

You will feel how communication becomes easy, kind, and funny. You're changing many of your emotional habits: now you're capable of being warmer  and more open to receiving the love of those around you.

If you're a single Capricorn, you will receive Cupid's arrows today. Love is about to come to your life with great intensity so give in and enjoy.

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You will think about the way you manifest yourself when you're working today. This last year, you've learned a lot about relationships, power, and the respect your own professional abilities deserve. With great dignity, you've overcome a tough situation at work when you had to deal with the attacks of someone who has shown hostility just because they're in a powerful position.

It's time you begin a new path. You will be able to show your abilities and it will be a great moment for your economy to reactivate now that a new month is about to begin. Think about it this Sunday and plan. There are many more options than you thought.


Capricorn, your health will be excellent today. You feel great with yourself and this translates to a spark in your eyes and tight and bright skin. Enjoy such a special day with all your soul.

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