The Capricorn sign

You are happily evolving and growing - Capricorn Horoscope for Monday, December 28, 2020

Thanks to the action of the North Node in Gemini, you will meet your objectives without difficulties


Don’t be too lazy today, Capricorn. You may have to make great efforts today. You would like to be particularly spoiled this week but things aren’t always like you want them to be.

Your emotional life is improving every day but there are still some inner issues that you need to shed some light on.

Open your heart without secrets or evil and you will feel happier every day.

If you’re single, you could fulfill your dream of sharing your free time with someone else with no commitments or ties.

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You will be able to carry out some changes that will benefit your financial life today. You will take measures that you hadn’t been able to take in the past but now are simpler than ever. Enjoy the novelty that this new normal implies without feeling nostalgic.

Maybe you will begin a new and different working situation that you hadn’t thought would be possible. The North Node in conjunction with the Moon will attract beneficial changes in your life. You will receive money and progress once you open to them.

The lucky number for the natives of your sign today is 63. This number invites you to take the things that life brings you instead of ignoring them. You will be more receptive to the opportunities you will receive. Be careful with money because we’re about to live some complicated times.


Your health will be optimal today, Capricorn. Your vibrant energy will renew thanks to the Sun in Mercury in your sign attracting positive thoughts. You will feel like looking after your health today so you will enjoy the good things in life. Change your diet by adding better and organic food to your meals. Also, do some exercise, meditate, or engage in physical activities in general.

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