Capricorn Saturday on a night sky background

Your love dreams will come true today - Capricorn Horoscope for Saturday, March 27, 2021

You will feel at ease with your partner and your feelings will be corresponded


Capricorn, the aspects of the Stars favour your love life and will make it easier for you to give in to your romantic and social relationships.

The Stars will bring you a pleasant sex life today!

Some older Capricorns will enjoy spending their time with the children in the family. Do you have nephews, nieces, or grandchildren? Then you will spend more time with them and this will bring you memories of your own childhood. This will help you become more dynamic and happy to adapt to the differences between generations.

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Mercury from Pisces creates good vibes and this means that today will be a fantastic day to dream and be creative.

The position of the Stars recommends you avoid great movements of money. It's not a good day to sign contracts either. Neptune in Mercury warns you about scams and conflicts in your financial life.

Today won't be a good day to move homes or make important changes. The energy of Venus will help you plan the life you would like to have. This means that today is a good day to imagine and dream instead of taking action. Think about your perfect home: what would you like to improve? Is your home the right size for you? Would you like to get some plants and surround yourself with nature? Plan the life you want!


There is dense energy around you that could be caused by jealousy. Many natives could be affected by this negativity so try to build an energy shield. You are capable of fighting the negative influences so fight and remember that you are protected.

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