The sign of Capricorn with a purple starred background

You will have to improvise - Capricorn Horoscope for Sunday, December 27, 2020

You will open yourself to other and will share your dreams with many people from different backgrounds


The party doesn’t stop for the natives of Capricorn – especially for those of the first decan! You will receive the energy of the Sun in your sign and a new cycle begins after so much sadness and suffering in love!

It’s a unique time for you to give another chance to love. You’ve been through many rough moments and feelings of loss and loneliness and you don’t want to feel like this again. Your emotions will change completely: you feel happy again and willing to enjoy life. You are optimistic and want to share this joy with those around you.

If you’re single, this situation is about to change! If you’re looking for a relationship, stay alert because you will receive unique opportunities to meet that person who will understand you and spend time with you.

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Your horizon is full of good opportunities. Your professional life has started to give back all the results of your past efforts. Many natives will be proud of their achievements.

Capricorn, you’re capable of working hard and working well. You’re responsible and that’s why you will be called to perform different tasks the following days.

However, your finances will require a lot of your attention. Unexpected happenings could affect the projects you had planned for this week. You will be forced to improvise.

The lucky number for the children of Saturn today is 38. This number recommends you improve anything related to communication: be clear, be specific, and dare to say everything you need in order to fulfill your dreams.


This will be a fantastic day when it comes to your health. You will be perceptive and sensitive to your physical needs today.

Take a nap, go for a walk, and give yourself the space you need to charge your batteries.

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