Capricorn Horoscope Sunday 2020

You'd better not say anything - Capricorn Horoscope for Sunday, July 26, 2020

Avoid conflict by remaining silent instead of letting your negative emotions go in moments of tension


Certain conditions of the Stars will indicate tension and difficulties in the family environment. Your commitment to your extended family can end up building up tension and you may have an inappropriate meltdown. You need to understand that you will have a complicated day so start controlling your mood and your emotions, Capricorn. Otherwise, you will have a bad time.

The Moon opposed Mars will affect you and many around you. The environment will be quite tense in general and there will be a lot of anger in the air. Answer carefully when speaking and don’t let your impulses control you.

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Your finances could suffer the consequences of your wish for a wardrobe makeover. Your favourite shops might tempt you when advertising their wonderful new arrivals. You love everything you see but you won’t be that happy after you see the money you’re about to spend.

You will have to listen to the advice someone close will give you. They will help you with a career-related issue. Their words will be supportive and you will receive a wise suggestion that will help you find a solution to a concerning issue.

The lucky number for the children of Saturn is 9. This number brings you a sense of balance, silence, and calm that will be very beneficial in order to achieve a certain degree of wisdom and avoid problems.

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Leave your recurrent thoughts aside and focus on pleasant ideas and peaceful images that make you feel well. Insomnia could make you have a bad night so you’d better try to do something not to start the following week after a bad night’s sleep.

Try having a chamomile or valerian infusion that helps you relax and fall asleep easily. Resting is essential in order to be in a joyful and cheerful mood.