Capricorn Friday on a night sky background

Delegate responsibilities - Capricorn Horoscope for Friday, February 26, 2021

The energy of the Stars brings you the opportunity to explore new ways of working and surprising associations


Your love sky will have some clouds today, Capricorn. You're likely to hear some words that you will interpret as aggressive or hurtful. If you believe that everything you're told is an offense for your ego, you're leaving little room for comprehension.

If your relationship is still very recent, you should avoid behaving in a cold and tyrannical way. This arrogance may play against you by showing a side of your personality that isn't characteristic of you.

The planetary alignments show that this is an excellent moment for you to be in bed. Try to ignore your ego a little bit and enjoy this time in the bedroom because you can be the perfect lover today: sweet, loving, and passionate.

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Mercury in Aquarius with a good aspect in your area of finances will encourage you to sign contracts or close deals. This energy will help you move on in many financial issues.

Saturn is influenced by this area of the Zodiac and will inspire you to be excellent in everything  involving your economy. Make the most of this time and improve your finances. You will have to think before you act and be moderate. If you're a young Capricorn, take your time and learn as much as you can from this moment.

You have the chance to begin a new stage in your professional life. You can shine as you've never done it before!

Your lucky number today is 38. This number means that you should start appreciating other people's nature in order to find what makes you more compatible and become more productive together. You will make the most of your experiences together as long as you don't feel the urge to control everything every time.


Capricorn is a sign that has a fantastic cosmic state right now.  This is a wonderful opportunity to make the most of your energy and improve your well-being with little changes. You need to avoid excesses when eating or drinking. Today, eat food that is low in salt and fat and your health will thank you in the future.

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