Capricorn Thursday on a night sky background

You will enjoy pleasant conversations - Capricorn Horoscope for Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Stars will let you have a pleasant conversation with the friends or relatives you've fallen out with


Capricorn, you will have a good day regarding your relationships – especially during the first hours of the day. The general atmosphere will be very positive and you will be able to find a solution to certain problems you may have. You will be able to have pleasant conversations and get closer to certain people with whom you had distanced.

Something has changed in you, Capricorn. Now you're ready to understand that things can't always happen as you expect them. Your mind is open to a more flexible view of reality. The Stars will help you become kinder and more understanding. Your loved ones might not be perfect but they love you and this is what really matters.

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The benefit of Jupiter in Aquarius will continue giving good results to your professional and financial issues.  A new cycle has begun and it's getting you closer to your objectives. Take advantage of this impulse.

You will have to stay alert to your words. There's certain astral energy that could cause some confusion or communication problems. Don't let it affect you, Capricorn. If you have to deal with some confusing detail and want to ensure there's good communication, you should try writing instead of talking. If there's a conflict with a person with whom you are having professional or financial exchanges, it can affect your material security.


This is a perfectly pleasant day for you. You feel great although you may get stressed at some point and this can affect your energy. Don't let your current working situation change your good mood, Capricorn.

Your emotional world is receiving the effect of Water energy that will connect you with your feelings in perfect balance.

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