Capricorn Horoscope Saturday 2020

Address the issue once the tension has eased - Capricorn Horoscope for Saturday, July 25, 2020

You may live a tense day at home but things won't get worse if you're patient and caring


The Moon is in a point of tension for Capricorn. You may be experiencing a tense environment at home and within your closest relationships. The cause could be someone’s career.

You’ve had to deal with these sort of issues recently and you thought they were part of the past. However, apparently this isn’t the case because someone you love will tell you some things that might hurt or get you angry. Don’t react negatively and wait some time before you answer with resentment and pain. If you’re patient you will be able to avoid conflict. Even if you’re thinking of going slower in your relationship with your partner you should do it trying not to hurt the other person with your words.

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Mars in Aires and Jupiter are doing their job. Thanks to them, your possibilities to earn more money will increase and also your good reputation.

You will be lucky enough to appreciate the results of your past efforts. The Stars will be by your side if you want to begin new projects so you’re very likely to succeed. Of course, don’t waste your energy thinking about trivial issues. Use the energy of Mercury opposed your sign and make your intuition work. Remember that having a good strategy is very important in order to succeed.

Capricorn’s lucky number today is 31. This number brings optimism, sociability, tolerance, and idealism to your professional life.


Your health may not be the best today due to stress and tension. Your immune system could feel the consequences of the way you deal with your day-to-day problems.

Capricorn, your lack of understanding and your serious personality could make you go through some situations that you could avoid if you learn how to understand differences.