The Capricorn sign

You will have difficulties controlling your gluttony - Capricorn Horoscope for Monday, January 25, 2021

You will have to spend more time than you would have wanted dealing with paperwork


This Monday, the energy of the Stars will be very intense for Capricorn.

The Moon in Cancer will be the trigger that will make you express your feelings regarding different conflicts with your partner. You will talk about movements that affect the whole family and you should deal with it with the adults who are involved.

You have a tendency to show your inner feelings and you will let others see your weaknesses. You usually tend to be the one who stands in front of adversity but this time you will show your tenderness. It's time you show your soul to that person who loves you so much and only wants to hug you.

You are learning how to let go of control and let the influence of your heart carry you away. This will have positive results in your love life

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Saturn in the area of money and finances could have a negative effect on the economic life of many natives. You wanted to boost your economy this month but you haven't improved anything. You know that everything in life can become a lesson where you learn how to become better. What you're experiencing right now will teach you a new lesson.

The lucky number for Capricorn today is 44. This magic number predicts many changes regarding your finances and the way you make a living and fulfill your material needs.


The Stars predict strong emotional energies for the natives of Capricorn today. This could have an effect on your digestive health. The influence of the Moon in the familiar and sweet Cancer will make some Capricorns eat a bit too much today. Control your gluttony!

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