The sign of Capricorn with a black starred background

A new energy favours you - Capricorn Horoscope for Friday, December 25, 2020

You will enjoy a relaxing day without worries or responsibilities


You will live many emotions Capricorn. Your feelings could overwhelm you today. There are lots of things you believe you should change in your love life. You will find it difficult to tell if this is just your imagination or you’re really going through a bad time.

Your friends can have unkind reactions but you will get over them because you will be able to see their problems as part of the issue. You won’t take it personally. You already know that if you acted as if every single problem were the end of the world, your reaction would scare everyone and nobody would like to come close to you!

If you’ve just started a relationship but want to keep it secret for a while, you will have to be very careful not to be discovered. You know that people love to gossip a lot and this can be more dangerous than you think!

If you’re going through a bad time with your partner, this pain can leave marks on your heart. Try not to be so sensitive, Capricorn. If you truly love each other, things can’t be that bad.

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You will forget about your obligations and you will decide to enjoy the things you have. The Stars predict a tendency to enjoy your physical life. The Moon in Taurus will let you enjoy simple pleasures and the comfort of your home.

Avoid arguments related to family goods. It’s not the best time to talk about inheritances or to claim what belongs to you. Enjoy a quiet and peaceful day.


You’re about to undergo a change when it comes to your vital energy; it will feel really good! The energetic vibration of the Sun in your sign will renew your cells.

If it’s your birthday, you will feel this change more than other natives. Take advantage of this effect of the Stars to relax and charge your batteries.

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