Capricorn Horoscope Thursday 2020

You will be able to express your love - Capricorn Horoscope for Thursday, September 24, 2020

Mercury has a very positive influence on your professional life so get ready for pleasant encounters and surprises


The Moon in your sign will help you moderate your emotions. Your feelings will become more stable and you will feel more responsible in your relationships. This new energy will make you feel very comfortable in your own skin.

The natives of the sign will be able to swallow their pride and express their love at last. You will finally enjoy emotional moments together with that person you love.

Single Capricorn, don’t give in to sadness. You know that the circumstances of the past have helped you understand your own motivations a little bit better. Now you can see why you have made the decision to distance yourself in certain situations.

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The presence of Mercury in the area of professional life will favour reunions, dialogues, and notifications. You will get advantageous deals and you will be surprised by the good news you’re about to receive by email. However, don’t tell anybody yet. Someone might get jealous and this can generate a powerful opposing energy that could stop this positive energy from entering your life.

Many natives will enjoy a satisfactory day full of pleasant meetings with workmates they haven’t seen for a while. It’s always nice to catch up with people you like.

Your lucky number today is 37. This number is a moral compass that will guide the children of Saturn. It will help you find the right direction for your finances.

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The natives of Capricorn will suffer the influence of the Stars today. It can affect your mobility and your muscles.

Maybe you suffer from cramps when exercising. You could have overworked your muscles after a long time without using them. When was the last time you exercised like this?

You should continue training but choose light movements so that you can recover your flexibility.