Capricorn Horoscope Friday 2020

Your powerful instinct won't fail you - Capricorn Horoscope for Friday, July 24, 2020

You will only repair the scars from the past once you’re ready to walk towards your future


The planetary energies are affecting Capricorns today. You may feel that your marriage or your steady relationship has weakened due to the problems in your life. You could feel that love has abandoned you. However, don’t let this feeling control you. What you experience is not a lack of love. You need to repair many scars from the past but you will only do it once you’re ready to walk towards your future.

You need to make an effort and stop arguing about finances. Be more optimistic when dealing with topics like this. You can get really nervous when talking about these things and they affect your life in general and your health. When you address emotional issues from a materialistic perspective you only get distance and aggressiveness.

If your relationship has just started, pay attention to the way the other person perceives life. Maybe you see life with very different eyes.

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Are you looking for a job? Today is a great day for you to send applications and CVs and to take a look at the market. You could try to leave your comfort zone even if you don’t feel that you have much experience. There’s a lot you can do if you let life surprise you.

Many Capricorns will have the chance to start a professional activity that will give them more money. Don’t be impatient if you think this isn’t your case because you will see that your past efforts are starting to bear fruits. You have finally understood the importance of your effort and your progress. All your energy has become an ability. It’s only after understanding this transformation that you can receive abundance and happiness in your life.


The Stars predict a tendency to be nervous and irritable. Your health could suffer from all the arguments and conflicts with your partner or your family. Don’t let the tension and bad mood take control of the situation. You need to try and remain calm and conciliatory.