The Capricorn sign with a purple background

Enjoy such an unforgettable celebration - Capricorn Horoscope for Thursday, December 24, 2020

Positive energies have come to stay in your life; don't let doubts cast their shadow on your luck


The Moon will enter the kind and peaceful sign of Taurus today and thanks to this position, Capricorn will be able to enjoy many surprises in the area of family. These holidays you will feel calm and cosy and you will enjoy surprising affective presences. Many natives will receive the good news of a pregnancy. Your children could be the bearers of joy and good news this Christmas.

If you’re married, you will live beautiful moments together with your family. You will visit your parents or your in-laws with happiness and without any setbacks.

Those natives of Capricorn who have just started a relationship may find it surprising how happy life can be with that new person who has just arrived in their lives. Your heart will be comforted with the love you receive now and you had been looking for so badly in the past.

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Forget about the obligations you will have in the future and focus on what’s important today. You need to give in to pleasure and suffer less from your professional pressure.

If you know you’ve met all your professional objectives for the date and you’ve pleased your boss, you deserve to take this evening off for you and your personal issues.

The cycle of the Sun around your sign can bring many surprises this year. You won’t live days like these for a very long time.

If you have to choose between two professional options, make sure you consider all the alternatives because nothing is what it looks like.


The Stars predict a tendency to be carried away by laziness and pleasure today. You deserve it, Capricorn. You can afford a hearty meal as long as you don’t have any health issues that prevent you from enjoying it. You tend to control your impulses and you know how to deal with excesses.

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