Capricorn Horoscope Friday 2020

You will have a light heart - Capricorn Horoscope for Friday, October 23, 2020

Your optimism will help you see every daily obstacle as a motivating challenge instead of bad luck


The goals and dreams you might have aren’t always the same as your partner’s, Capricorn. However, this Friday you will be happy to hear that you two have more in common than you expected.

Your partner will value your ideas and abilities. They trust that all this experience will be the basis of a common project that will help you express your dreams.

If you’re a single native, the light energy of the Moon in Aquarius will invite you to enjoy some time out with friends: meeting, dancing, or just getting together at last in order to share stories and thoughts.

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Your work will be valued and appreciated today but you might feel challenged to update your professional perspective and the way you perceive the concept “success”. Your efforts to meet your financial aspirations are giving you results. You may still need to continue working hard on it but you will be satisfied to receive a reward for your hard work and determination.

If you’re not able to receive a payment for your services yet, don’t worry because this situation is just temporary.

As for your money, it’s a good moment to invest your money now that Venus from Virgo will help the evolution of such activities. Making money is easy when the planets are aligned in your favour.

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You may feel more energetic and healthier now that you’ve been able to change your attitude. Your emotional approach will help you see every daily event as a challenge to your willpower and intelligence. Instead of feeling unlucky, you will feel motivated.

This optimism will be crucial in order to continue experiencing this feeling of well-being during the day.