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Daily Horoscope for Capricorn for Monday, May 23, 2022

Capricorn, try to play hard to get


Capricorn, today's Horoscope comes with great romantic advice. Don't be afraid to make a fool of yourself and show some mischief. You like to get to the point and you're honest about your intentions.

You often offer your heart too quickly. Change it and make those who are interested beg for you. Not all your suitors deserve you.

Make them gain your trust. You think you're being practical but those around you could perceive it as poor self-esteem. Prove your worth, you know you deserve it!


The Daily Horoscope knows that you love practical matters, Capricorn. However, you need to be more permissive with yourself. If there's a thing you should learn from the influence of Gemini, it's mental flexibility.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes and try to be open to new ideas. You need to detach yourself from your routines. Be tolerant and look at life with different eyes – without so many expectations.

Build your abundance from a sense of purpose. Stop clinging to obsolete visions. Instead, let yourself be carried away by Gemini's air of renewal.


Your Horoscope today predicts some tension in the work environment, Capricorn. Certain quarrels could arise between your colleagues. Try to stay objective and don't get involved in personal matters.

If your help is needed, act as a magnanimous judge. You're respected and your judgement will be well-received. But above all, try not to let this whole affair distract you too much.

Focus on your work and be your usual careful self. Plant your flag in neutral territory.


Capricorn, learn to say no. You feel forced to please those who approach you. As a consequence, you sacrifice your leisure time and rest.

You're increasingly exhausted. Do a favour to your mental health and learn to put things in their place.

Take care of your needs – everything else can wait. Looking after yourself is the ultimate demonstration of self-love. Don't feel guilty about it.

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