The sign of Capricorn in half a purple circle

You will receive luck in your life - Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, December 23, 2020

You will learn a beautiful lesson about abundance thanks to the good energy Jupiter left


You will have to be strong in order to meet your goals without blockages, Capricorn. You have the opportunity to undergo a powerful change and you don’t want to do it alone. Even if others might think that you can with everything, you will probably need help and company.

The natives of Capricorn who are single will enjoy meeting someone from their past. Someone you used to love will come back – maybe to say goodbye for good, maybe to stay. The end of the story won’t be as important as the emotions you will feel and the words you will say from your heart.

Enjoy the little things in life that make you happy. You have to do it especially now because this is a very important week for the children of Saturn.

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You will finally see the results of your natural tendency to save and be careful. This week has been difficult when it comes to your finances and you may have feared for your money. Try to spend as little as you can today in order to make up for the Christmas expenses.

Mercury in conjunction with the Sun – with both in your sign – will make it easy for you to understand professional issues that weren’t that clear. Certain issues will even develop faster than you had expected.

If you’re unemployed, the energetic impulse of this solar conjunction will be fantastic for you to send your CV and apply for new jobs. Take advantage of it because it will only happen again in a year!

The natives of the third decan will continue enjoying the luck of the energy Jupiter left you. This is an aspect that will only happen again in many years!.


This Wednesday, the health of the natives of Capricorn will be optimal. You shine with the power of the Sun. Now it’s your moment to enjoy such a vibe.

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