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Daily Horoscope for Capricorn for Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

Capricorn, evolve with the cycles of the universe


Capricorn, today will be a great day to reflect. Do you have the right companion by your side? You have a sensitive soul.

Make sure you share your days with an empathic being. But also, try to work on strengthening your spirit. Your skin is too thin.

Accept that your partner acts with free will. Your map of your relationship is rather square. Allow room for spontaneity.

Plant new seeds in your stiff mind.

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The Daily Horoscope comes to rescue you today, Capricorn. You need to connect with the joie de vivre. You tend to force sensations and situations too much sometimes.

Release your energy and allow prosperity in your soul. Check your paradigms. You know that opportunities come and go, and you need to take them as you can.

You're not the same as before. Your old rules no longer serve you. Get rid of your roots and evolve with the cycles of the universe.


Capricorn, your Horoscope for today urges you to stand firm. Don't let them cross the line. You're fair and hard-working.

You don't like to invent excuses. But be careful. Today you may have to learn to say NO without hesitation.

Those without scruples won't think it twice and might try to take advantage of your goodwill. Your assertiveness will make you attractive. You could still experience an uncomfortable situation.

If you've made your colleagues too comfortable, you need to you to make up for it.


Capricorn, your friends will provide you with the peace you need. They offer you a place to rest; a safe environment where you can be yourself.

Act with freedom and feel their unconditional affection.


Capricorn, this day you could suffer from a stomach ache. Relax, don't let your nerves affect you so much. Look for tools to improve your emotional well-being.

You're responsible for your own happiness. You find it difficult to establish healthy boundaries with your personal environment. Balance the elements.

You're defined by the attributes of the earth, such as security. Elevate your thoughts towards the spiritual.