Capricorn Horoscope Tuesday 2020

You'll see the importance of the simplest things in life - Capricorn Horoscope for Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Get in touch with your inner child and enjoy the simplest things in life again with a playful attitude


You will be very busy this Tuesday. Those who love you – and your family in particular – will need you and your attention. You will have several commitments and the youngest in the family will feel that you’ve forgotten about their needs.

However, this energy will stabilize later in the evening and you will feel joy and serenity at home again.

Get in touch with your inner child and enjoy the simplest things in life again. The children around you will infect you with their good mood and their playful attitude. At the same time, you will be able to think about what really matters in life.

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You will be under some pressure today and you might feel tense when you see all the things accumulating. You didn’t expect this extra work but you will have the intelligence it takes and the ability to meet your objectives.

Using new technologies and new methods at work will help you become more efficient and use your time wisely.

As for your finances, Saturn continues retrograde in your sign and this indicates the need to set clear objectives and limit your investments and expenses. Be careful with your money, Capricorn, it’s time for you to start saving.

The lucky number for the natives of Capricorn today is 45. This number invites you to do something else than what society expects from you. You will be able to work on projects that improve your community.

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The Moon in Sagittarius could cause some problems in the parts of your body that detox your blood. Maybe your liver has had enough of fried food, fatty meat, fast food, and sugary drinks. Or maybe you’ve been angry or in a bad mood. Drinking lemon water before eating will help your body.

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