Capricorn Monday on a night sky background

Your beauty won't go unnoticed - Capricorn Horoscope for Monday, March 22, 2021

You will need big doses of love and physical contact today


You know it, Capricorn, you can feel it in your heart. The Stars are with you and this gives you a time in your life to enjoy your life with happiness. You receive the loving energy of your loved ones thanks to the calm Moon in Cancer.

The Sun joins Venus in Aries and this means that your life at home will become pleasant and quiet. Some natives will have to make an effort in order to look after their intimate relationships and won't know how to balance all the demands that come from their family life.

Any new relationship that begins today will be complicated but not impossible. There can be some kind of conflict due to basic differences in the way each of you behaves when talking or in your relationships. The other person could be too enthusiastic and this might make you feel uncomfortable.

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You won't find it easy to set off for work today. You're very lazy this morning and this might prevent you from showing your potential at work.

Capricorn, your career requires you to be more and more skillful every day. You could benefit from learning new techniques, getting new programmes for your computer, new materials, or new products that will increase your sales. You will see results earlier than you expect it and you'll be the centre of attention.


Your well-being isn't only about your physical health. Feeling attractive and sexy is also a sign of happiness and health. This Monday, the natives of your sign will have a special glow that will make you look more attractive in the eyes of others.

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