Capricorn Monday on a night sky background

You will feel well and in peace - Capricorn Horoscope for Monday, February 22, 2021

Today will be a wonderful day. Nothing can stop you and you will feel like a winner


This week begins with the Moon in Cancer and this will bring you plenty of benefits, Capricorn, especially when it comes to your love life. This energetic duality caused by the Moon opposing your Sun will enhance the need for love. This means that your attitude towards your partner will be different today.

Mars remains in your area of romances and keeps bringing its magnetic energy and bravery. This can be particularly useful for those natives who are in love but haven't felt brave enough to make their feelings public.

You will find it easier to express your feelings today. You won't feel the need to hide anything or use your classic protective devices such as coldness and distancing. Love and sensuality will combine perfectly and will help you begin a bond that you will enjoy fully.

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Your professional life will be affected by the direct movement of Mercury towards your area of finances.

This is a special moment in the year when it comes to your material life and you should try to make the most of the energy you have to favour your current position.

If you're looking for a job, you will be lucky today! You will feel very comfortable when expressing your opinion in a job interview. Don't let your emotions carry you away – especially fear. You will succeed as long as you think clearly and use the right words.


Your health is good but your mood will fluctuate a bit today. You will be influenced by your surroundings and you will feel emotions that aren't exactly the happiest you could feel right now. The sadness and concerns of those around you will end up affecting you and they could make you feel down too.

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