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You will be surprised by a romantic interest - Capricorn Horoscope for Tuesday, December 22, 2020

It will be a very dynamic day with great emotional intensity and news that won't go unnoticed


Capricorn, do you feel as if a volcano were about to erupt at home? You might not be wrong… There are certain tense situations in the private life of many natives. Your parents or children may have become a great weight right now. There’s an astral tendency to express anything you need with great energy in order to put these issues to an end.

You don’t want to argue anymore. Capricorn, you need to go straight and make the change you need at once.

The energy of the Stars in cardinal signs will be crucial for some different lifestyles to reveal. This will bring unique growth to your emotional life.

There’s a lot to discover: Venus and Sagittarius come with surprises and revelations.

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The area of business will receive great energy from the Stars. This means that you have a rare occasion that can catapult you to success.

If you’re a salesperson or a lecturer, you will find the right words to convince your audience of your convictions.

Your skill for business will become very sharp and this can lead to the offer of a new job or a promotion in the same company where you work.

Your lucky number today is 2. This number is associated with the ability to join forces in order to create something important between two people or companies. You may count on the support of a partner who will fortify your actions and ideas.


This Tuesday, most natives of Capricorn will feel the revitalizing influence of the Moon in Aries. This will be intense and it will generate enthusiasm. If you’re recovering after surgery, you will receive the energy of the Stars that will help your cells regenerate sooner.

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