Capricorn Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Stop being so demanding with yourself - Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Listen to a sensitive friend who can help you by giving you valuable advice


You’re quite melancholic today, Capricorn. Sometimes you feel that your emotions aren’t taken into account. You can come across as cold and distant and your partner will believe you don’t really care about things – nothing further from the truth. The Moon in your sign will highlight your need to express your feelings, to feel loved, and be heard. It won’t be easy, Capricorn. You’re not used to showing your feelings and your shyness could block your ability to express yourself.

A sensitive friend can help you today. She will give you valuable advice.

It’s a good moment to apologise for the rude comments you’ve made in the past. You could have hurt someone who didn’t deserve it.

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Your leadership skills and your good eye for business could be your greatest asset today. If you usually follow rather than lead just because it’s comfortable, you could be missing great opportunities just because you’re afraid of failure.

You being too demanding with yourself has proved to be one of your worse enemies. Today is a good day to stop acting like this and take the first step to freedom.

The natives of Capricorn should give dreams the importance they have. Dreaming of the way you want your future to develop is very important for you. Find someone who can help you interpret your dreams so that you can make better decisions for your career.

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Your great mood could be ruined because of an annoying joint pain. All this energy in your area of the Zodiac can cause muscle rigidity. The pain you could feel today will make you more aware of the need to move your body and becoming flexible. You need the willpower to start exercising more often.