The Capricorn sign

Slow and steady wins the race - Capricorn Horoscope for Monday, December 21, 2020

Keep your mind busy and focus on your activities without getting obsessed with the future will be the best way to look after yourself


Today, the Sun and Mercury enter your area of the zodiac and have started a new cycle for the natives of Capricorn.

These are strange times and many natives will have to face the need to undergo a deep change in their emotional life. The Stars will bring you a transforming reality that can push you to look for your independence. Maybe you will leave your parents’ home and start sharing with friends or even move in with a partner.

If your birthday is very soon, you will receive great surprises. Secret loves can prosper regardless of your reluctance when it comes to tasting the adrenaline that comes with a clandestine meeting.

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Mercury enters your sign and comes with slow movements when it comes to business. This Monday you will have to focus all your attention on the many tasks you have ahead.

It’s a good moment to carefully consider if there’s anything you could do to improve your current professional situation – which you have neglected a little bit lately.

You need to try hard to do your daily projects – but always keep your future in mind. Don’t stop paying attention to the little things that lead you to prosperity even if you’re sometimes distracted by the stress of your day-to-day life.

The energy of the solstice in your sign can help you set new goals for the following cycle. Those natives of the first decan will start conversations regarding new jobs or business.


The end of the year always comes with a little dose of stress. Together with the influence of Mercury, you could end up suffering from muscular pain. In order to prevent that, you should try to move carefully and stretch every day.

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