Capricorn Horoscope Friday 2020

It's time to let go of control - Capricorn Horoscope for Friday, August 21, 2020

You can spend a great day with your family if you’re ready to tolerate others’ sloppiness


Your love life will go fantastically today, Capricorn. Those who appreciate your responsible attitude and your protection towards your loved ones will come to you in search of good advice – and even help! You can spend a great day with your family if you’re ready to tolerate others’ sloppiness.

If you’ve just started a romance you will see that the best way to adapt your energy to the energy of the other person is by being tolerant and accepting each other’s differences. This is something that doesn’t come naturally to the goats of the zodiac. However, you need to admit that there are many life choices, and accepting them will be the only way to guarantee coexistence.

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You can learn something new every day, Capricorn. Actually, you will find yourself dealing with a technological novelty that will make things easy in your day-to-day at work. Don’t be afraid and experiment!

The Moon in Libra will oppose Mars that from Aries is producing an excess of energy. This energy could causearguments and confrontations that won’t be very good for your professional life. Be particularly careful with those women with whom you have a tense relationship. Otherwise, there could be a new battle today.

Your lucky number today is 21. This is a fantastic number that gets you closer to the magic of the unity of everything. It will give you the abundance of the Universe and you will be able to see the world as a single body where everything is connected.

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If you still haven’t given up that terrible habit of yours, it’s time you make up your mind. Those Capricorns who smoke should find a method to get over this addiction. Nicotine patches can be of great help so ask your doctor for a recommendation.