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Daily Horoscope for Capricorn for Saturday, August 20th, 2022

Capricorn, release all this tension


Capricorn, you should try to be more flexible and avoid being too strict. Allow your intimate environment a little leeway.

Try to be more reasonable. You can't predict the behaviour of those around you. You have to respect their free will.

Only from individual freedom will quality relationships be born. Watch your demands and remember that you're not perfect either.

Today, turn your attention to your own heart. Breathe calmly from the depth of your chest. Release all the tension you harbour.

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The Daily Horoscope is pushing you to flow more, Capricorn. You prefer to have it all under control. However, today you'll let go of mental rigidity.

This will give rise to projects which are tense and old-fashioned. Add imagination and freedom to your ideas.

Don't ignore the first thoughts that pop into your head. They'll come inspired by the universe.

Consider them for a moment. Eliminate limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Open yourself to new experiences. Your comfort zone won't offer you different results.


Capricorn, your Horoscope for today senses rigidity in your behaviour. Don't sabotage your own progress at work. Your spirit of self-improvement could be turning against you.

You're not moving forward; you're going backwards. You're neglecting your self-respect.

Listen to your body's needs.  Rest is important to regenerate your brain.

Activate a new paradigm ad connect with the joie de vivre. We aren't indispensable and your sacrifice won't be recognised.  


Capricorn, you'll be in perfect health. Your back suffers from too much physical and mental strain. Do some gentle stretching.

Today, the stars advise you to let go of your baggage. You need to travel lightly and carefree.

It's time to go on holiday – will you keep putting it off?

There is only a right moment and it is now. Don't miss it.