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There will be tension in your personal life - Capricorn Horoscope for Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The Stars push you to seek expansion in your financial and professional life


The Moon in bad aspect to Pluto in your sign will cause moments of tension with a loved one, Capricorn. You're very likely to have an argument with your partner because of jealousy or a lack of understanding. However, this can be avoided.

You need to make an effort in order to understand each other better. Try to control yourself and avoid being arrogant, distant, or rude.

If you're single, don't rush when you believe you've met the love of your life. You might be confused by your desire to have some company. Someone who isn't exactly what they say might be tempting you to choose the wrong path – and if you give in, you might end up regretting it in the future.

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You may receive unexpected money today. Since you hadn't planned it, the good news will help you cope with all the tension you're experiencing in your personal life.

Many natives have started projecting business ideas or financial plannings. The Stars predict that you're very likely to meet these goals soon.

If you're trying to expand your business, the current energy pushes you to act without hesitation. Of course, remember that you still have to be cautious with every movement.

Capricorn, your lucky number today is 50. This number is special for you because it advises you to stay adventurous and dare to live new experiences. You will be surprised once you choose to change some routines and working habits.


The Stars predict that you could have problems with your joints. You should be particularly careful with your elbows and knees so take this into account if working out is part of your plans. Make sure you warm up before you start and don't overexert your body.

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