The sign of Capricorn in half a purple circle

Your family will be your rock - Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Your closest loved ones will be happy when they're with you and will appreciate your attention


Your relationship will become stronger thanks to the position of the Moon that will favour your sign, Capricorn.

The influence of the Moon in the sweet and warm Cancer will help you give in and make your wishes compatible with those of your loved ones.

When you want to understand those around you and be there with your family during their process of change, everything seems to fill with light and harmony.

You’re not very used to choosing between devoting time to your family or having more intimacy with your partner and this could cause some argument today. Try to explain your motivations in order to solve the differences you’re about to face.

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It’s a day when you will have to make great efforts and focus on your career. Doing this will ensure you succeed.

You’d like to make more money but you already have too many responsibilities and you can’t add more working hours to your schedule. You will have to analyse your needs objectively in order to know your real financial situation. You will discover that you don’t need so much in order to be fulfilled.  Once you’re able to see this, the doors of fortune will open in front of you. Your mind is more powerful than you can imagine so take action and focus on your vision!

Your lucky number today will be 51. Capricorn, this number suggests that you listen to the advice of someone who has experience in legal or material issues.


You should know that the Stars show a tendency to indigestion and acid reflux so be careful whenever you eat something hot or irritating. Mars in Aries plays against you, Capricorn. This means that these days you will benefit from a detox diet that helps you reduce inflammation in your stomach and intestines. You will definitely feel lighter and it can even change your mood!

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