Capricorn Horoscope Sunday 2020

You may be in a terrible mood - Capricorn Horoscope for Sunday, August 2, 2020

The presentation, the logotype, or the clothes you choose in a sales interview, everything adds to your reputation


The intensity of your feelings is extreme. This means that if once more, what you’ve been trying to avoid finally happens, you shouldn’t let your bad mood and jealousy take over or you could feel that there’s no way you can overcome your relationship’s problems.

Your bond could deteriorate a little bit if you can’t control your irrational emotions. Your organized and controlling personality won’t find it easy to deal with so many happenings around you right now. However, you need to start assuming your difficulties instead of getting frustrated and distancing from your loved ones.

If you’re single, you could go through a period when you will feel so lonely it hurts. Don’t take it so seriously, Capricorn! Try to see it from a different perspective and you may start appreciating that this terribly negative situation also has a positive side.

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There are a lot of things you can do to improve your performance at work. This Sunday you could feel that you’re the one with initiative.

You will receive little signs that tell you to change some aspects. The aesthetics of a product can be as important as its quality sometimes. It’s really important to have your client notice the beauty and the details of your product. The presentation, the logotype, or the clothes you choose in a sales interview, everything adds and depends on your effort. You could spend part of your day observing carefully and determining which changes are necessary to improve your brand.

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Your emotions could be difficult to deal with this Sunday. You may not be aware of how negative these feelings are for your health but you are definitely aware of the loss of energy they involve. If you can’t handle an emotion that makes you feel pain for the past, you could see a professional therapist who can support you and guide you in your journey. It will definitely help you get over your sorrow and emotional blockage.

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