Capricorn Horoscope for Friday

Connect with your higher self - Capricorn Horoscope for Friday, April 2, 2021

The cosmic climate will get you closer to other levels of consciousness through meditation


The family gatherings this week could bring conflicts to Capricorn. The general environment is tense and the excess irritability could translate into blunt answers. In some cases, there will be arguments.

The relationship with your family is much more important than you think, Capricorn. They are your rock and the safe place where you can go when things aren't going well. They deserve more tolerance from you.

The youngest natives will have difficulties understanding and agreeing with the proposals of their elders and will wish to avoid family meals and gatherings.

The Stars suggest you give more space to others and their needs. This is another way of showing love and respect. Maybe this doesn't sound like the best option for you but you know that your support and company are really important.

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The month has just started and today is a great day to sort out your finances. Your ability to manage your money will decide whether you can carry out important changes for your progress

Jupiter is still in your area of finances and it will bring you its support to expand and meet your goals.

The lucky number for your sign today will be 59, Capricorn. This number indicates how simple it is to find the way that leads you to your life mission. The development of your spirituality through meditation or prayer will bring you strength and confidence to improve your focus when choosing the right activity to make a living.


Certain planetary contacts will give the natives of Capricorn wonderful energy and strength – which makes you feel in great shape. Mars in good aspect with the Sun in Aries gives you life force and energetic balance. This good vibe will have a very positive effect on your immune system.

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