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Daily Horoscope for Capricorn for Wednesday, October 19th, 2022

Capricorn, keep the positive of the past


Capricorn, you need to achieve emotional balance. Your emotions are in turmoil. The calm you were longing for has turned into a state of anxiety.

You're stressed right now. Try to focus your attention on the present. The past is just a hopeless black hole waiting for you.

Until you learn to keep only the positive, avoid revisiting old relationships in your mind.

If you're single, you should try to live with more passion. You can't look sad when you go out, don't wait to be rescued.

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The Daily Horoscope invites you to flow with ease, Capricorn. You should learn to be more optimistic. We all can have a stroke of luck – and you're not an exception. 

Abandon your cynicism and learn to make the best of every situation. Start creating and stop complaining.

You'll awaken a personal power you were unaware of. Focus on what you want. Connect with the frequency of abundance and visualize your goal as if it were right in front of you.


Capricorn, you need to untangle your thoughts. Get your businesses in order and set a road map. How can you expect to get where you want to go if you don't even know the destination?

The energy of the universe flows in the same way. You don't work mechanically. You act in a state of consciousness – with purpose.

The stars will align to help you. Don't underestimate the power of your desires.


Capricorn, friends are a fundamental part of your day-to-day. You have to make sure they feel loved.

Pay attention to important events in their lives. Step out of the whirlwind of worries and don't miss out on precious moments.


Capricorn, your sturdy exterior conceals a delicate spirit. Pay attention to your mental health today. Release the emotions you have inside of you. 

You need to unburden yourself to your loved ones. Face your days with positivity. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.

Don't hold on to what's gone. Even if it doesn't seem like it now, change is good for your evolution.