Capricorn Friday on a sky background

Be careful with your reactions - Capricorn Horoscope for Friday, March 19, 2021

Beware of the planetary movement that can affect your professional relationships


Today won't be a very good day for romantic relationships, Capricorn, and they should remain in the background today. Your family and partner will have to wait until you have more time to pay them attention. You really wish you should devote more of your time to them but your obligations will keep you very busy.  Capricorn, you shouldn't ignore such an important part of your life.

You wish you had your partner with you tonight. You would like to feel protected and loved. Distance can be very harmful to some relationships. If you're in a long-distance relationship, you wish you could be closer so that you wouldn't have to depend on transport.

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The conjunction between the Moon, Mars, and the North Node could cause some problems in your professional life. You can lessen this effect if you mind your words and reactions. Don't respond to provocations and take things personally because you know that everyone is going through a stressful moment right now.

You will be capable and willing to continue with this rhythm at work – and even more – as long as you know there will be comparable retribution. Maybe you will have some doubts regarding your position and this could lead you to allow certain situations that aren't exactly the best for you.


Capricorn isn't a sign that tends to gain too much weight. However, the influence of Jupiter has been affecting many natives – especially those of the third decan.  If you've started to dislike what you see in the mirror and you feel that your waist isn't as lean as it used to be, it's time you start to move your body! You are fully aware that abdominal fat accumulates around your organs and this is very bad for your body in general and your heart in particular.

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