Capricorn Horoscope Sunday 2020

You will have a day full of love and tenderness - Capricorn Horoscope for Sunday, July 19, 2020

Your relationships are getting better and you feel you're living a dreamy love life


You may have the feeling that your relationships are full of love and tenderness. You feel magic is back into your heart again. You’ve started to see that many things you had imagined regarding your love dreams are coming true.

You need to connect with your intuition in order to know what way you want to go if you want to seduce that special person. Listen to yourself and let your destiny carry you away: you could be about to experience something very positive.

All Capricorn in general – and those of the second decan in particular – will have the celestial winds of Jupiter by their side. Even if the planet is retrograde right now, it will bring you the luck you need in every new adventure you decide to start, even when it comes to affective situations.

It will be a fantastic day to plan a romantic trip. It will be a honeymoon-like trip that will let you confirm your romantic vows with your partner.

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After so much work and effort during the week, you feel like purchasing that item or traveling to that destination you’re so attracted to. However, the Stars don’t have very favourable energy here. It’s not the right moment to spend such important sums of money. It’s a delicate moment for your finances and you need to be wise enough to avoid committing these types of mistakes or investing too much money when you can’t.

Your lucky number will be 47 today. This number reminds you of the importance of analysing everything and maintaining an alert attitude regarding every aspect of your life. Be pragmatic, Capricorn, but don’t ignore your intuition.

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A little setback in your life could affect your digestion today. Don’t let the existing bad mood in your family affect you, especially if the problem is money-related. Enjoy your Sunday and relax as much as you can.