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Daily Horoscope for Capricorn for Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Capricorn, don't accept any form of blackmail


Capricorn, be wary of arguments today. The waters are quite troubled in the area of love. Try to be sensible and it will all fall back into place.

Extreme sentimentality tends to get on your nerves. You don't understand demonstrations of emotional immaturity.

However, we all use our resources according to our own view of reality. Try to be understanding. Be kind and empathetic – maybe this can help you understand the deep motivations of those around you.

From that place, you can offer help but always within limits. Try to be flexible but don't give in to emotional threats.


The Daily Horoscope warns you to be cautious. Capricorn, do your best to avoid your pessimistic tendencies. Things are not so bad!

Now it's time to buckle up a bit and look after your finances. Avoid shopping malls and practice self-control.

You could seek refuge in nature: take a walk, breathe some fresh air, or contemplate a sunset. It will lift your mood and will boost your inner strength. The greatest things are usually free so be grateful to have them at your fingertips.


Your Horoscope considers it wise to avoid drastic decisions. The alignment of the Sun in Taurus comes to help you consider your options. All matters of a tangible and pragmatic nature will be easier for you.

Focus, Capricorn, your more careful side is what will save the day.

Find a quiet place to put your thoughts in order; take your time. Trust yourself like those around you already do. State your conclusions with plenty of confidence – your authority will grow with every word you say.


Capricorn, relaxation could be your best therapy today. You may feel a bit agitated due to the last arguments you’ve had. You believe in peae and this means that when you’re defending yourself against unfair attacks, your energy levels will be considerably drained.

It takes two to tangle and generate discomfort and unrest. When this is about to happen, you should turn to nature – contact with the earth is always your best option.

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