Capricorn Thursday on a sky background

Your feelings will become clear - Capricorn Horoscope for Thursday, March 18, 2021

If you feel that you need energetic relieve, you can prepare your favourite ritual


The energy of the Moon in an Earth sign will help you better understand your emotions and needs, Capricorn. This means that you will find it easier to express yourself and control your negative emotions.

If you've been through some problems with your relationship lately, today's energy will help you see things clearly and fix the misunderstanding. You can take advantage of the planetary movements to dialogue and clear the situation that has kept you apart.

If you're single and willing to live a beautiful romance,  here is some good news for you: you are about to meet the perfect person  to make your dreams come true.

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Don't feel too stressed if you find out someone's been criticizing you at work. This attempt to diminish your reputation means that someone is jealous of your success.

Maybe someone hasn't been completely honest about their intentions when talking to you. However, you know that karma always finds its way and you will soon see the end of this situation.

There are plenty of rituals you can perform. The most favourable for your sign are the ones that use herbs and spices such as sage or cinnamon. They will cleanse the environment from negativity and will improve your energy in many different ways.


If you're going to drive today, you may want to keep this piece of advice in mind, Capricorn: don't drink alcohol at all. Pay attention and make sure your phone is silenced so that you don't feel tempted to answer calls or messages.

Saturn – your ruling planet – in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus could make you take unnecessary risks and make sudden movements today so make sure you are in control as much as possible.

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