Capricorn Thursday on a sky background

You will work on your well-being - Capricorn Horoscope for Thursday, February 18, 2021

You can be your best self and meet your ambitions as long as you're as organized as usual


It will be a very exciting day for the love life of Capricorn! You will feel an inner explosion that will make you feel like spending more time with your partner. The natives of the third decan will receive the strong energy of Mars and Pluto and this could cause some jealousy-triggered issues. However, this won't be solely negative:  this overwhelming energy can be used to carry out some changes in the emotions you feel for your loved ones.

Your family and friends will admit that you have changed positively and your transformation will favour better emotional conditions. If you have children, you will feel that you can take better care of them and give them more love.

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The Stars will give you ambiguous energy. On the one hand, you seem to have plenty of abundance in your life right now. On the other hand, the Stars predict great expenses – some of them unexpected – that could jeopardise the financial security of some natives. You need to have your finances under control and write down every movement otherwise, at the end of the month you will wonder where all the money has gone.

The natives of the second decan will see how their business have an extra impulse today. This is good news but in order to avoid surprises, make sure you have all the details under control.


The Stars are sending ambiguous messages regarding your health, Capricorn. The final results will depend on your actions. You need to prioritize your well-being in order to receive positive energy.

Saturn is asking for a change in your lifestyle and you need to give a sensible response to your physical and psychological needs. Be more self-aware and know your own needs.

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