Daily Horoscope for Capricorn for Sunday, July 17, 2022

Capricorn, flow with the sea of emotions


Capricorn, today's Horoscope predicts a day of simple pleasures. The placement of Venus in Cancer ensures a day of tasty intimacy together with your partner.

Emotional ties will grow closer under the influence of Cancer. Venus will awaken your sensual side.

Open up to a day full of delights. Complicity will take place in the harmonious setting of your home.

If you're single, don't waste this privileged planetary position. Water energies will make you flow with charm and naturality.  

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The Daily Horoscope grants you a wish, Capricorn. In the economic sphere, energies are focused at home. It's a time to enjoy yourself.

Venus rules your day and other matters will fade away. You'll receive spiritual fulfilment on a platter.

Celebrate with your soul mate. You're alive and this is the only reason you need!

There will be time tomorrow to make an emergency plan. Make some cutbacks and you're done. Your responsible nature leads you to keep money in your mattress.


Today's Horoscope invites you to switch off from work, Capricorn. In the professional field, change the mindset completely. Enjoy Sunday with your loved ones.

Don't direct your energy toward the professional. Not even in your thoughts. If you have to work today, the focus will be on building bonds of affection with those around you.

Feminine energy is in the air today. Interactions will take place in a kind and calm way. Teamwork will take on greater relevance.


Capricorn, turn your attention to your emotional well-being. Follow the yearnings of your soul. It will bring you back to your origin, the earth.

Seek in nature a deep connection with your essence. Recognise your inner self. You're so much more than your physical body.

Allow the breeze to clear your aura of negative residue. Today, be grateful for the blessings you enjoy.