Capricorn Horoscope Friday 2020

You'll vibrate positive energy today - Capricorn Horoscope for Friday, July 17, 2020

A calm and warm mood seems to have taken over your personality and you will be excellent company


A strange mood invades your intimate life. Within your home or among the people closest to you there is a tendency to melancholy and to feel the need to be closer to friends.

The moon in conjunction with the planet Venus will give the natives of your sign a peaceful feeling and harmony.  You will feel that all those around you in your daily life are a blessing to you and that nothing could be more pleasant than sharing your hours and the simplest activities

The natives who are single may feel special when they see their colleague. The love for that person you see every day and who knows your preferences, your sorrows and joys could start to grow, Capricorn.

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The natives of the goat sign have an excellent prediction as far as work is concerned this Friday.

You will vibrate an atmosphere of camaraderie and complicity and therefore, the collaboration between all those involved in your professional life will be optimal and very beneficial.

The lucky number for today for the children of Saturn is 98. A number that promises success based on good deeds and spiritual choices.


Beware of poisoning and indigestion. You could be influenced by a very powerful energy that will drive you to live moments of gluttony. You will have a powerful inclination towards the desire for gastronomic pleasures. It's important for you to pay more attention today than you usually do to foods that may be contaminated or past their expiration date. If you go to a restaurant for dinner, eat safe food.

Seafood, meats and cold cuts are particularly toxic when they lose their cold chain or are in poor condition.