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Daily Horoscope for Capricorn for Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

Capricorn, don't let anyone control your emotional well-being


Capricorn, you shouldn't take it all so personally. Try to lower your expectations when it comes to the behaviour of those around you. You just can't control it.

Your joy shouldn't depend on anybody else. Don't give them such power. It's time to take charge of your existence.

Empower yourself. Take responsibility for your own happiness. Look inward, rather than outward.

When you feel balanced, you can't be unsettled. Connect with your breath.

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The Daily Horoscope offers you a break, Capricorn. Your luck will begin to change. Relax and enjoy.

The universe synchronises times to perfection. There's a plan for all you do and receive. Don't beat yourself up.

Avoid comparing your progress. You have your own path to walk. It all happens for a reason.

Every situation holds a learning experience. Try to be the boldest student. The cosmos rewards passionate hearts with their destiny.


Capricorn, your Horoscope predicts a quiet day. No setback will bother you today. You're solid as a rock.

You're admired by those around you. Some will gravitate towards you for help. But you should be careful.

Don't set dangerous precedents. Avoid being always available. You can display the "do not disturb" sign.

Your time is your most valuable possession. Don't give it away to the first colleague who asks for it.

While helping is positive, you shouldn't be taken for a ride.  


Capricorn, you should learn to relax. You're a little overwhelmed. Give yourself a gift and connect with nature.

Allow your fears or frustrations to dissolve in it. As an earth sign, you need to return home from time to time.

Recharge your energies and your strength. Embrace the beautiful Gaia, Mother Earth. Be a child again.