Capricorn Horoscope Monday 2020

You will start seeing and feeling things with more illusion - Capricorn Horoscope for Monday, August 17, 2020

Today you will pay more attention to these little details that highlight your natural beauty


The Stars predict a Monday full of happiness regarding your love life, Capricorn. The Moon and the opposed regent Saturn guarantee a stable emotional state. You will be able to analyse your relationship and what’s going on without losing your mind.

Be careful when speaking and try not to be too self-centered. Your ambition and personal pride could ruin a relationship you have. The position of the Stars indicates arguments due to money issues and the expenses in the household.

If you’re single, a romantic surprise will fill you with illusion today. A special gift will show you that someone close you hadn’t actually considered is really interested in you.

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You can expect positive changes in your professional life. Your changes to grow your wealth are expanding. Maybe you will be offered an interesting job or position, or you and a friend may partner together in a business. The Stars favour the material skills of the children of Saturn.

A secret will see the light today. It’s information that can end up changing your professional reality. Don’t get distracted, it will happen right next to you.

Those born in the second decan are favoured by the energetic influence of Jupiter, which tends to boost your wealth. Enjoy this period of luck.

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The planetary alignment makes you prone to check your appearance more often today. You will try different resources and techniques to improve the way you see yourself.

You don’t usually pay much attention to aesthetics and you’re not exactly one of the vainest signs. You’re just a very elegant person. However, today you will pay more attention to these little details that will highlight your natural beauty.

Visiting a beauty therapist can change your look in a positive and surprising way. You will be happy to see yourself differently.

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