Capricorn Horoscope Sunday 2020

Your soul will be happy - Capricorn Horoscope for Sunday, November 15, 2020

This moment is fantastic to celebrate and be grateful for everything life has given you


This Sunday will be a particular day for the natives of Capricorn. The energies will favour friendship. Someone who you have a strong bond with will reappear in your life after a long time and will bring a lot of joy to your soul.

It will be a perfect day to celebrate all the good things life has given you. You are very lucky because you feel protected despite of the storms you had to go through.

The new Moon in Scorpio invites you to find people who you can share your dreams and joy with.

It's time to change. Change means growth and evolution and you don't want to stay stuck with your old behaviour patterns.

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Don't be afraid if you see that the financial and professional structures are breaking down around you. It's all part of this new reality and there's nothing you can do.

The movement of the planets – and the presence of Jupiter in particular – mean that the natives of the third decan can expect advances soon. 

Maybe you feel nobody values your efforts or people don't see everything yoou can offer. You will try to make your abilities shine in your family circle.

The lucky number for the cildren of Saturn today is 29. This number brings you great power and it will invite you to leave your insecurities behind. You will be able to face life's difficulties without doubts or fear.

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The alignment of the planets show that you're enjoying a good energetic cycle. Your metabolism is optimal and you feel that your energy levels are balanced thanks to little displays of love you have with yourself, Capricorn.

You can try a simple visualization exercise in order to bring a positive change to your emotions and perceptions. This will guarantee a fantastic well-being.

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