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Your heart will be full of joy and novelty - Capricorn Horoscope for Friday, January 15, 2021

A professional can help you if you still feel discomfort even when you're resting


The Stars come with plenty of blessings for the natives of Capricorn. Today is the last day of the year when the Sun will be in your sign.

Last year was very hard and you've managed to leave behind the overwhelming feelings that invaded you.

Now you're about to live great and better moments and you can feel it. If you're in a relationship with someone, you may talk about moving in together and give each other the chance to share every minute without restrictions.

If you're single, love will come to you disguised as an informal relationship. The other person will be someone eccentric you will be surprised by how crazily they will manifest.

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If you've been betrayed and you lost money, you don't need to worry anymore. Jupiter will come to your area of money and bring you plenty of possibilities. Maybe they won't happen right when you wanted to, but you will receive what you deserve.

Capricorn, wait patiently because everything will reveal and the truth regarding an important issue will come to the light.

If you're waiting for payment or receiving money of any kind, it could be delayed but don't get frustrated because you will be able to meet all your obligations.

The lucky number for the natives of Capricorn today is 51. This number symbolizes the responsibility you have for your family and anything related to the home. You will protect your loved ones, no matter how much you'll have to fight.


You could suffer from an allergic reaction. Maybe you will be exposed to an irritating substance or some food that doesn't sit well on your stomach. But today this susceptibility will be affected by the fatigue you've accumulated after a very active week. See if some rest can help with the symptoms.

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