Capricorn Monday on a sky background

Positive changes in your love life - Capricorn Horoscope for Monday, February 15, 2021

The astral energies will bring you a new tendency to maintain your relationships with your loved ones


The Stars will help you express your love with no restrictions even if you had a difficult weekend, Capricorn. There's nothing more difficult for you than being affectionate and sweet. You feel very vulnerable when you open your soul to someone and then you feel that the other person doesn't have the same level of commitment. That's why now that you feel loved you feel much safer in this regard. You will be capable of projecting your future without fear.

Someone special is waiting for your love and company, Capricorn. You're about to experience a unique opportunity to begin a new episode in your love life.

The perfect love doesn't exist and today you will have to face the flaws of the person you love – you will still want to share every minute with them, though. A relationship is built step by step between the two of you and this means that at some point, you will have to express your needs and expect some changes – even if they can take a little longer to happen.

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You're about to receive unexpected benefits that will favour your finances. Your reality will be happier than usual in this regard and you will feel that Lady Luck is finally knocking on your door.

Have you considered taking a break from work? This will let you shed new light on your working conditions and the way your superiors or clients value your work. Consequently, you will be able to consider the changes you need to carry out in order to grow.

It will be a dense morning full of tensions that have nothing to do with you or your performance at work.


Capricorn,  you will find out that you know much more than you thought about your body and its needs. Make sure you listen to all the signals your body is sending and you take action depending on what it tells you.

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