Capricorn Wednesday on a sky background

You need to believe in yourself - Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, April 14, 2021

You will feel that there's a great difference between what you give and what you take


The Stars will impose silence in the home of many Capricorns who didn't know how to handle certain delicate family issues.

You can't seem to keep up with your partner's love energy and this might create some problems in your relationship.

If you're single, this energy could make it difficult for you to connect with the people you want to relate to. You feel you're not in the right place and this could affect the way you interact with a social circle you're attracted to. The best way to create new bonds and attract love in your life will be believing in yourself, Capricorn. The influence of Lilith in your area of friends and romance will be affected by the Moon and this is what will create this strange emotion.

Don't worry, Capricorn, it will pass very soon.


Your professional life will be peaceful today.  There are many things to do at work and you enjoy it when you feel useful and productive. This will help you forget about your emotional conflicts for some hours.

If you're unemployed, prepare your best image so you can have an important job interview soon.

The lucky number for the children of Saturn is 161 today. This number pushes you to believe in your inner strength. Don't doubt your leadership skills. You have the inner power to begin new projects that may help others meet their material expectations.


The Stars warn you about the negative tendency of Lilith in the Moon. Apart from emotional confusion, it can also cause certain health problems. You should be particularly careful with the thyroid gland and the throat in general because they could get weaker due to the stress you suffer every day.

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