Capricorn Horoscope Sunday 2020

Being happy will help you forget your jealousy - Capricorn Horoscope for Sunday, September 13, 2020

You will feel much more attractive than usual and will call the attention of a very special person


This Sunday’s prediction for the natives of Capricorn talks about a tendency to kindness and good feelings. But don’t worry because there will also be room for passion and intimate connections.

The joy you feel and the willingness to juice every minute of the day when you’re with your partner will help you leave behind the sad and melancholic thoughts that Saturn – your ruling planet – makes you experience.

Those natives who are single will enjoy the beauty of the energy of the Moon. You will feel much more attractive than usual and this vibrant energy from the Stars will call the attention of a very special person.

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You will start seeing some of the results of your efforts. Someone from your family environment will make you an offer to participate in a project or business connected to food or eco products. It’s an excellent idea and you will consider the possible earnings you may have. Maybe you will regret it if you don’t study the market intelligently and you end up rejecting such a fantastic offer.

The energy of the Stars will make you live very productive situations at home today. Maybe you’ll finally decide to tidy your whole house.

Today’s lucky number for Capricorn is 13. This number – feared by many who believe in bad luck – is actually an indicator of change and renovation for many cultures. You will begin a new cycle.

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The Stars mention a tendency to suffer from muscular and bone problems, Capricorn. The problems caused by bad body posture and sudden movements can damage your joints. Eating a banana a day will help you ease muscle cramps.

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