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Daily Horoscope for Capricorn for Monday, June 13, 2022

Capricorn, you need to find a deep bond


Capricorn, maybe you should rethink your situation as a couple. In the sentimental sphere, make sure you have the right companion by your side. As an Earth sign, you overflow with sensuality and have a weakness for stunning bodies.

This is great as long as there's more to it. You need a partner who gives you understanding, affection and a lot of emotional support.

You need to share values in order to create a common project. Try to stay away from selfish relationships and look for depth.


Capricorn, the Daily Horoscope senses laziness in your heart. Generally, you're determined to fight hard for your future. To do this, you're ready to sacrifice whatever it takes.

You urgently need a mindset shift. Only from joy and satisfaction will you be in tune with the prosperity you seek.

Avoid monotonous tasks that progressively dull your soul. Instead, connect with the joy of your financial issues.

You can visualise large amounts of money. However, you shouldn't associate them with suffering.  


Your  Daily Horoscope encourages you to say what you think. At work, you should set fair and healthy boundaries, Capricorn.

Avoid succumbing to the manipulations of a toxic hierarchy. Don't allow abuse of power. Your success speaks for itself.

Don't be taken advantage of. Clarify the terms of your working contract. You should demand a pay rise if you really think you deserve it.

Remember that your holiday time is sacred so don't have it stolen from you. Stand up for your rights in time and avoid sowing the seeds of resentment.


Capricorn, today you could suffer an episode of intestinal irritation. This might be due to the stress caused by poorly processed situations. You must speak up in time to preserve your peace of mind.

Today you could try to be a bit introspective and consider how to free yourself from mental burdens. Anxiety is an expensive price to pay. Look up at the sky – the constellations are smiling at you.

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