The sign of Capricorn in half a purple circle

The New Moon will touch your soul - Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The New Moon in conjunction with Pluto will cause intense and deep changes in your heart


The natives of Capricorn will experience very powerful feelings. The Moon in your sign in conjunction with Pluto will cause intense movements in your soul. You will have a deep sexual understanding thanks to this position of the planets. You will caress and look at your partner and you will give in to passion together.

The ability to recognise the feelings you are experiencing in this relationship will be fundamental for your growth. Try not to disappoint the other person's feelings. You will live a very special night with the New Moon in your sign.

You will be able to enjoy a night of passion and explore your deepest desires. The Moon and Venus – both in your sign – are the perfect cocktail for lust. You will have even greater experiences if your partner is a Taurus.

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The influence of Saturn in your area of money could give you a sense of restriction, Capricorn. You will have to control yourself and your pride when a rival tries to take advantage of this moment of weakness.

The New Moon will free the stagnant energy in you.  It's a good moment to declutter and sort out your wardrobes because this will help you organize your inner world too. Maybe you have old papers or clothes you don't want to keep anymore. A tidier room always equals a tidier mind.

Have you ever wished to become a freelancer? Well, today is a great moment to take the first steps in such a special project!


Your body feels in shape today! The New Moon makes you be more aware of your mental health. Sometimes you go through certain situations that urge you to stop and meditate about the affairs of the heart.

Share your feelings with someone you trust. Talk together and show some love because this will help your well-being.

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