Capricorn Tuesday on a sky background

Magic and mystery are waiting for you - Capricorn Horoscope for Tuesday, April 13, 2021

You will have to choose between preserving your current lifestyle or daring to give in to pleasure


This magical Tuesday can bring some incredible situations for many natives of Capricorn. You will have to choose whether you live your lifestyle in a different way from what you're used to.

The Stars will make you more creative and this will affect your personal relationships. Even your intimate life will benefit from this energy.

If you're single and waiting for the arrival of love in your life, the Stars might bring someone into your life who is different from everything you had imagined before. This person might lead a life that is completely opposed to your own lifestyle.


Uranus joins the Moon and brings great material opportunities to the natives of Capricorn. This means that you could get unexpected earnings through partners or collaborators.

If your job requires you to be creative, you might get some money thanks to the fruit of your effort. If you're an artist, your creative production will make you earn more. Although this is something that should happen more often, you will feel as if it were a prize.

The lucky number for Capricorn today is 15. This number invites you to think of the way you connect with money and power. You will start giving more importance to your ability to work and the capacity to make an effort.  You know you deserve the best and now it's time to get the results of your efforts.


The indifference towards your health might cause the health problems that you're experiencing right now.  Maybe you've ignored some pain on your joints for a while and now it's getting worse. If this is your case, you won't be surprised to feel greater pain on your neck, elbows, or knees – these will be your weakest spots today.

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