Capricorn Horoscope Sunday 2020

Enjoyment will depend on your attitude - Capricorn Horoscope for Sunday, July 12, 2020

Not being driven by a negative mentality is part of the solution to many of your problems


The strength of the planets that have blessed you from Capricorn will show you the tenacity and the ability to put clear limits to other people's opinions regarding your love bonds.

You can't imagine the sexual and sentimental intimacy you can experience this Sunday.  The stars are tipping the balance in favour of your relationship having a moment of encounter thanks to the transit of the moon through the sign of Taurus, which will help you to strengthen your bonds and stimulate the idea of a common future.

Those of you who are married can expect to enjoy beautiful encounters with family and friends today in which both children and adults feel the belonging and joy of being together.

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To enjoy the day, don't let your mind wander to concerns that you can't do anything about right now.

You have many doubts and fears about the security of the future of your work or your economy but that doesn't mean that reality will be as you imagine. If you persist in fearing something that hasn't happened yet you're wasting valuable time that you can use to enjoy your day off or in more productive activities.

Those who are on the eve of an exam can trust that the stars will benefit them to obtain optimal results. Remember the importance of a good, positive and cheerful mental disposition. Fear is a great enemy of success, Capricorn.

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The way you prepare to enjoy the day will be the one that dominates your emotions and leads you to enjoy or suffer on Sunday.

This is also how your body reacts. If you are sad or nervous, your bodily sensations will reflect that state. Today the planetary alignments favour you to learn more about the relationship between health and your thoughts.